First of all this is born form the DESIRE to start something new. Something which has not been done before.

You’ll have to understand something. As originally hailing from Europe, we grew up as adults exploring the finer things in life. You know what I’m talking about, right?

Right… well let’s talk about one of those things: liquor. The first sips of beer, wine, vodka.. and the aftertaste excreting them from your body, who doesn’t remember? Well, probably the people who drank way too much after that. But we sincerely doubt they will be able to read this at all.

After developing the first real taste for liquor, the interest was there to experience better liquor. We drank the good wines, we also enjoyed whiskey and cognac. But among this array of different flavors there was a big question mark: rum. You know, people liked it, but when you go the liquor stores in Europe you will find only a small selection. And only from a few big distillers.

When we started exploring further and travelled the first times out of Europe we immediately fell in love with Latin America and the Carribean. And guess what… these areas are the main producers of rum. With the love for the cultures, people and countries, the love for the rum followed naturally. We discovered the finer rum and thus the better tastes. We became RumLovers.

So now it’s time to share this experience with you. To let people make acquaintance with IMG_2199rum, develop their interest and provide information when you want to know all about rum. So expect a lot. Expect history and present. There is a story to be told here and a story to be created.

Futhermore with this website and all activities that will follow, we hope to create a community of RumLovers. People who share passion in their lives in general, and the passion from rum in particular. From passion good things are created!

So with passion and rum fueled, let’s begin our journey!